Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences & UBC Division of Respiratory Medicine
Respiratory Evaluation Sciences Program

Ramin Rezaeianzadeh

MSc, BSc


Ramin is a doctoral student in the Respiratory Evaluation Sciences Program (RESP) at UBC. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Genetics from Iran and completed a Master of Science degree in the Experimental Medicine Program at UBC. During his time in Iran, Ramin worked as a research assistant, contributing to a population-based cohort study focused on chronic outcomes in southwest Iran. This experience has led to multiple publications that enhanced understanding of this understudied population. At UBC, Ramin's master's training involved pharmacoepidemiologic research, where he investigated drug adverse events in large populations using administrative databases. His work included training in causal inference and analyzing the relationships between variables in causal models. In his role at RESP, Ramin will apply his previous and new learnings to a project aimed at enhancing the efficiency of the Canadian lung cancer screening program. This project focuses on improving the current screening program and evaluating its cost-effectiveness and budget impact with the ultimate aim of improving health outcomes of Canadians. In his free time, Ramin finds joy in taking long walks in Vancouver and exploring new coffee shops.


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